Banish Those Aging Blues With A Sexy Sports Car

It isn’t just men that get hit with a midlife crisis. I’m a woman in my early thirties and I already feel like half my life is over. A midlife crisis feels like life kind of passed you by and that you didn’t make the best of your life. Now you’re “stuck” in the life that you have built and all your dreams for the future somehow got lost along the wayside. It’s a very dreary feeling. One quick fix is a shiny new sports car with a lot of muscle under the hood to make you feel alive and energized again. Hey, if it gets you through another day and makes you feel excited about life again then I’m all for it! Here are some cars to help you (and me) deal with the middle age blues.


The Corvette is the stereotypical midlife crisis car, it’s the brunt of a lot of jokes. However, that’s no reason to write it off; this car sports a lot of power. 430 of pure horsepower in fact to make you feel 18 years old again! The 2011 Corvette is particularly speedy, going from zero to sixty in just 4.2 seconds.

Nissan 370Z

If you prefer a more contemporary and less cliched car the 370Z would be an excellent choice. 332 HP gives the base model less power than the Corvette but it still packs a powerful punch. This good looking car is guaranteed to get you lots of nods of approval and admiring glances on the freeway. The 370Z is competitively priced at the $35k range.

Ford Mustang GT

The original pony car is a classic while still retaining a youthful aura and charm. 412 HP gives the GT loads of power. The Mustang comes in two trims, base or premium and is also available as a convertible.

It’s not easy to realize that half your life is pretty much over. You may not be able to turn back the hands of time but you can definitely feel young again in a sexy new sports car. If it makes you feel better then I say “go for it”! You only live once.

If you are looking for the sporty Nissan 370Z in Los Angeles check out Ontario Nissan. For the iconic Mustang GT visit Ford Dallas.

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