Caribbean Cruise Wedding – A Romantic and Charming Experience

The day that you get married is for sure one of the days you will remember the most of your life and it’s not strange that everyone is looking for a way to make this day something really special and very romantic.
A Caribbean cruise wedding will make you happy and it will be verything youäve ever dreamed of. It will give you memories that will last for life

A wedding of your dreams

Young Couple at the Beach, Lying in the Sand

Can you imagine something more romantic then to marry your loved one out at the sea or in a port?

The most popular thing is to get married the same day as the cruise departures or before the ship leaves. That way they can have the families attending at the wedding and they can have the cruise as a honeymoon.

It’s allowed to be married by the captain if you like but it’s also possible to bring your minister.

How to plan a Caribbean cruise wedding on a budget

It’s very important that you plan in advance if you want to have a Caribbean cruise wedding. It’s especially important if you want to get married before the ship departures since you will need a special permission from the captain to bring anyone onboard. That can not be arranged the same day as the ship leaves because of the safety of the passengers and axxording to the US rules.

The staff will take care of everything if you tell them in advance. They will prepare the food, drinks, a wedding cake if you want one.

They needs to know what day you want to get married and how many people you will have attending.

If you ask for permission it’s possible to bring your own food and drinks to the wedding.

Get help to get organized before you get on board

The staff of the ship are very experienced when it comes to weddings since a lot of people choose to get married at sea. Because of that the staff will be able to help you and give you advice if you need it and they will be happy to help you getting the wedding of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help.

Take the chance to get the wedding you’ve always dreamt of with the most romantic surroundings you could ever dream of, followed by an amazing honeymoon in the wonderful paradise of the Caribbean.

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