Fast Wedding Make-Up Fixes: Zap that Zit

So you wake up on the morning of your wedding and you have a crater the size of Mount Vesuvius popping up on your face. The end of your nose looks like Rudolph lighting the way. This is the one time there are no do-overs and you paid $1,000 for a photographer to take your pictures. It is safe to say the guy with the camera will want to see your face.

First of all, if you didn’t pay to have professional make-up, you have made a serious error. On days like this you need to have your make-up “set”. When you get emotional and your body temperature rises and your make-up melts it can make you look like Alice Cooper if you are not careful.

The first thing you will want to do is take care of that growth on the end of your nose. I saw an interview of a make-up artist years ago and he talked about a secret for getting rid of horrible zits on the big day.

During the shooting of “The Eyes of Laura Mars” Faye Dunaway came to work one morning with a horrible blemish blossoming on her face. The schedule had a full day of extreme close-ups that meant they absolutely needed to have flawless skin in the camera frame.

The make-up artist in this production did some movie magic that might just surprise you. This is a method that is probably not used very often but it works like a charm. The first thing you must do is squeeze out anything that might be in the zit. (gross, I know) Then if there is any bleeding use a man’s styptic pencil to stop any bleeding. It might sting but it works and stops the bleeding.

58986870 – anxious girl looking at pimple on her cheek in mirror

Then you want to hit the area with Visine, or some other eye drops, to get the red out of the area. This truly works like a charm. Wait at least a few minutes before you use the final step. The red will totally be gone from this area.

This is going to probably gross most of you out, but the very last step is to use hemorrhoid crème. Right about now you are rolling on the floor laughing like a loon, but believe me, this shrinks the size of the zit down to the point that you can use make-up to cover up the area on your face. Just dab a small amount on the blemish and wait for about 10 minutes. It will now look like there was never anything there.

Each make-up artist uses their own little secret zit zapper, but my guess is that in a pinch they will use this method of using make-up 911. If you use a make-up artist you will be in good hands because they will have their own method of taking care of the offending eruption. However, if you are caught in a pinch and need to take care of this on your own this remedy will do the trick.

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