How to Plan a Formal Wedding Anniversary Party

A formal wedding anniversary party can be a very nice event. There are many things you will want to take into account when planning such as party. The following are some tips for developing such a meaningful celebration.

First you will need to pick a venue. Because you want it to be formal, you should get a place that caters to that or can be made to look formal if you are just renting a hall. There are many elegant restaurants that have a room that can be used for events such as a wedding anniversary party. Also, many places that hold weddings and other big events such as hotels and country clubs will be able to accommodate such an event.

As previously mentioned, you can also rent a hall, which can be made more formal by nice tables, chairs, decorations, etc. If you have a nice home, you can even plan for one in the home, which will likely save you money. Do realize that a formal event can be expensive (although it doesn’t have to be if you are clever with your money and shop around for the best deals). You can probably easily spend as much as you did for the actual wedding.

Once you have your venue picked out you will need to decide on food. If it is a venue that has its own caterer such as a restaurant, then you can go through and pick the nicer food. If you will be catering in the food from an outside source, you can look to nice restaurants to cater in. Many times a vendor will also rent out people who can help serve on the day of the party, as well as help with setup and cleanup. You will definitely want to consider that.

You will need to decide on the guest list. You may want to get a good idea of the price before deciding on the amount of people you want to invite. If you want them to dress formally, you can put specifications on the invitation, such as black tie optional, etc.

You will want to consider what other vendors you want for your wedding anniversary party. If you have the room, you may want a nice band playing soft music. You can also consider having nice flower arrangements on the tables or candles instead. All of these can go towards making a wonderful formal wedding anniversary party.

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