Popular Wedding Venues

An important part of wedding planning that every person needs to do is to pick a site to hold the ceremony and reception. Traditional wedding sites can each have advantages and disadvantages, but there are also unique ideas that might be more to your liking.

Private Homes

A home wedding can be a very attractive option for a tight budget.

Renting this space is free and always available. It can serve several purposes such as a dual ceremony/reception site, which saves on gas and limousine services. Home weddings are convenient for guests who do not want to drive to a separate reception site or those who would like to drink without having to worry about driving home.

Decorating is easier because the decorations don’t have to be transported back and forth saving time and energy. In addition, decorations can be left up after the ceremony for the reception, and do not need to be taken down at the end of the night leading to fewer decorations that are needed.

There are disadvantages to having a wedding at home. Some houses and lots, especially those in cities, are too small to accommodate larger weddings especially in the areas of parking space and ceremony/reception space. Guest lists may have to be limited and people with larger families can have problems choosing which guests to invite.

Feeding a large amount of people can be an issue with at home weddings so a caterer may be needed, which adds an extra cost. In addition, couples may need to rent chairs and tables along with other things that usually come with a ceremony or reception site.

Church/Place of Worship

Another option for a wedding site could be a place of worship. Places of worship can be good choices because they have natural beauty, which may mean that few decorations are needed. There is usually plenty of seating and parking so couples can look into larger guest lists.

However, churches may not allow the couple to hold their reception at the place of worship, which means driving to an additional reception site. This can mean additional costs with limo services, reception site fees, and gas.

Couples need to be sensitive to other’s religions when choosing a place of worship, especially if there are multiple religions in the family.

Overseas/faraway place

Having a destination wedding can be a lot of fun and can be pretty cheap for couples on a budget. A destination wedding can cost as little as the price of travel and a marriage license. An added honeymoon bonus is included.

Couples don’t have to worry about stepping on toes when thinking up a guest list because the wedding can be limited to the two of them. Of course couples may want their parents and close friends to join them so a few plane tickets can be bought or the couple may opt for the guests to pay for their own tickets. Cost for decorations can be limited because most destination wedding sites are chosen for their beauty.

The only problem with destination weddings is that they do not let a lot of family members attend, so if the couple wants a big wedding with all of the bells and whistles, destination weddings are probably not a good option, especially on a tight budget.

Las Vegas is a popular destination wedding site. It allows couples to get married in several unique ways such as getting married beneath the Eiffel Tower, on a gondola, through a drive through, in a pink car, or wearing Elvis costumes. Couples can have their dream wedding without spending a lot.

It offers a variety of choices and entertainment after the wedding too, but again family members may not be able to travel to the wedding.


Hotels are also a great choice for couples searching for a wedding reception site. Hotels offer the same advantages of that of a private home like dual ceremony and reception sites and places to sleep and get ready without having to limit guests. Unlike at home there is always plenty of parking, food, and space for large guest lists. There may even be discounts for having the wedding there or block rooms for guests.

There are things that can be a turn off with hotels the main one being that there are other people at your wedding besides your guests, but any public place will have this problem.


There are several other options to consider when choosing a ceremony/reception site including golf courses, parks, VFWs, country clubs, American legions, courthouses, and restaurants.

Unique ideas for wedding sites are sports parks, beaches, boat rides, mountains, summer camps, campgrounds, museums, ice rinks, wineries, cruises, historic places, zoos, performing art centers, fair grounds, universities, public or botanical gardens, ballrooms, resorts, race tracks, or horseback. Not all of these options may be available in your city or price range, but if they are consider careful the pros and cons of each.

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